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As a promotional offer this month you will receive a 30-minute (Zoom or Skype) Natal Chart for US$30 or a 45-minute reading for US$40 and exclusive access to our astrological dating community.

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About Match By The Stars: We are a group of astrologers that will provide a personalized match according to the compatibility of your Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars and Rising sign. You will get weekly matches with a percentage of compatibility in Love, Sex, Work or Friendship of each person. You will know if that person can be just a friend, lover, or work partner.

Stop wasting your time and energy on online dating sites where people are only focused on physical appearance. Our goal is to match souls by a spiritual connection. Match by the Stars will find you a partner where the possibilities are endless.

Charts offered by Match by the Stars

Are you tired of endless online dating sites where you could only see a picture and wonder if this person is the one for you?  Are you ready to be matched with someone astrologically where the odds of compatibility are much higher? If your answer is yes, then join Match By The Stars.

Natal Chart

A natal chart is a digital print of the alignment of the planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth… Read More


Synastry Chart

Is the combination of two natal charts to see the compatibility between two individuals… Read More

Composed Chart

Two natal charts are combined to form one to see the energy and path of a relationship… Read More

Natal chart for children

(Newborn to 15 years old) This is a useful tool for parents to understand their child’s behavior as well as their talents… Read More

Solar Chart

It calculates the exact moment when the sun returns to its birth position… Read More

Transit Chart

It’s a tool that predicts how the planets will interfere with the natal chart during a particular period… Read More

Combine Charts

If you are looking for two or three different charts, take a look at these packages!  

Learn More About Your Zodiac Sign


Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries energy represents passion, leadership, determination, motivation, boldness, impulsiveness, braveness, with a blind optimism, and an explosive temper. To learn more about Aries get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Geminis is an Air Sign ruled by Mercury. Great communicators, outgoing, love to learn about every subject, curious, social butterflies, playful, intelligent, adaptable, indecisive, unreliable, and gossipers. To learn about your specific Gemini traits, get your own personal Natal Chart reading.


Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo energy is the king of the zodiac. Leo represents creativity, the inner child, playful, proud, honest, energetic, and fun. They love to shine, perform and receive attention. They can tend to be dramatic and egocentric. To learn more about your Leo’s traits tailored specifically for you, get your own Natal Chart reading. 


Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus. Libra energy represents charisma, diplomatic, clever, idealistic, indecisive, unreliable, fair and non-confrontational. To Learn more about Libra, get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius energy represents faith, optimism, intellectual, independence, honesty, spontaneous, freedom, fun, adventure, philosophy, travel, lack of tact and impatience. To learn more about Sagittarius sign, get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius energy represents humanitarian, analytical, original, different, easy going, freedom, clever, rebellious, impatient and absent-minded. To learn more about Aquarius sign, get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus energy loves to enjoy life pleasures; food, wine, a good massage. They are dependable, sensual, liable and stubborn.  To learn more about Taurus get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Cancer is a Water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancer energy represents maternal, nurturing, caring, loyal, overly sensitive, loving, intuitive, self- protective, security seeker, vulnerable, compassionate, moody, cliquey and passive-aggressive. Learn more about Cancer personality by getting a customized Natal Chart reading. 


Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgo energy represents having a great heart, analytical, observant, loyal, perfectionist and hardworking. They can tend to be critical and judgmental. Learn more about your unique Virgo’s characteristics by getting your personalized Natal Chart.


Scorpio is a Water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. Scorpio energy represents determination, braveness, loyalty, secretive, resentment, controlling, jealousy, honesty, possessiveness, manipulation, transformation and intensity. To know more about Scorpio sign, get your own personalized Natal Chart reading.


Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorn energy represents ambition, leadership, power, success, determination, realistic, practical, disciplined, hardworking, responsible, pessimistic, and stubborn. Get your own personalized Natal Chart to learn more about Capricorn’s traits.


Pisces is a Water sign ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Pisces energy represents mystical, romance, empathetic, imagination, spirituality, creative, overly emotional, compassionate, artistic, and their weakness is a desire to escape reality, over trusting and becoming a victim. Get your own personalized Natal Chart reading today to learn more about Pisces sign. 


Astrological Dating Events

We will host live events for singles to mingle and socialize. These include Astrology happy hour, Wine and Paint, salsa and bachata dancing events. These events are held in bars and restaurants throughout the New York City area.

Due to COVID-19, dating events have been cancelled at this time. Once indoor dining is permitted back in New York City, we will notify you of our dating events by email.

Special Packages

Combine your charts!


“I cannot recommend this service enough!  When I first met Cynthia and she offered to make a Synastry chart to see the future for me and my husband I was a little bit skeptical.  Lots of people have done my “chart” in the past but I’ve never found it to be very useful.  I was having some marital problems (which she didn’t know about) so I set my skepticism aside and got a reading.  All I can say is wow.  She honed in our problems and helped me see a way out of them that I was blind to before. Now my husband and I are happier than ever and I recommend Cynthia to anyone who’s struggling with any relationships problems in their life.  She’s the real deal!”  

Kelly Robins

“I was struggling in life, nothing seemed to be going my way and I decided to get a Natal Chart. Once I had a section with an astrologer, I was able to understand why I wasn’t able to meet the right person and why I was stuck in my career. Now I am able to see my patterns, challenges and I know how to react when I am feeling down or stuck. Thanks Match by the stars for helping me become the new person I am.”   
John Collins

“I’m a mother of three children and I have been going through a difficult period with my middle son. He was acting out, not paying attention in school so I decided to get a Natal Chart for Children to understand his behavior. Once I had a Natal Chart for my son done, I was able to guide, teach and understand him better. I learned his moon patterns and why he was acting out. Now his behavior has changed completely. He is doing a lot better in school and we have a better relationship. I am so thankful to Match by the stars for the guidance I was given to be a better parent.“ 

Linda Rivera